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About Us


Our mission is to build our community with confident learners by providing children with quality enriched experiences to develop self confidence, independence, problem solving, cognitive and social skills.  We strive to create a safe, nurturing and developmentally appropriate environment which fosters the individual needs of each student.


Our staff views education as a meaningful partnership between parents and teachers. We believe it is essential to develop a good rapport with each child and parent based on open communication and mutual respect.  This is the foundation of a successful school experience. Here at Little Sprouts, we believe in empowering children by offering them

opportunities to make decisions and solve problems.


It is our goal that children will possess confidence in their abilities and establish lasting relationships with teachers and peers. By offering an engaging curriculum it is our aspiration that each child will develop a positive outlook towards school, a better appreciation of the world around them and acquire a life long love for learning during their time spent with us at Little Sprouts.


At Little Sprouts we provide an educational environment which:

• Encourages creativity, interest and joy of learning through a “hands-on”

approach by using a multi sensory approach in both teacher directed

and child driven lessons.


• Enhances language and literacy through meaningful dialogues between

adults and children, listening and discussing stories, participating in

group play and promoting language experienced activities.


• Develop social thinking and reasoning skills by guiding them to resolve

peer conflicts using vocabulary and positive behavior.


• Development of both fine and gross motor skills. Fine motor skill

development may be exercised through artwork, scissor use, block

building and cooking. Gross motor activities may include running,

jumping, balancing and dancing.



Our school encompasses 4 bright and visually stimulating classrooms children thrive in.

All of the learning experiences for children at Little Sprouts are not limited to each defined classroom. Integrated learning happens everyday in spacious rooms at any given moment including outdoor play and special events. Connections and academic growth are made regardless of which room they are presently in. Throughout the day children will be engaged in activities that will enhance the learning of language arts, math, science, art & music.


Language:  Language arts encourages the development and

stimulation of english language skills. Group discussions (both large

and small group settings), developing listening skills, awareness of print,

rhyming, development of vocabulary, letter recognition and sound,

retelling of stories and emergent writing skills are just some of the

learning experiences that happen at Little Sprouts.

These skills provide the foundation for learning to read and write for

later academic achievement.


Math:  Mathematical thinking is incorporated into block play and

dramatic play as well as using concrete objects and manipulatives for a

meaningful purpose. Number sense, measurement, more than, less than,

sorting by attributes, categorizing like objects, patterning, shapes and

spatial sense are just a few learning experiences that take place at Little Sprouts. 


Science:  Inquiry and exploration are fundamental to all the

sciences. Our science lessons promotes discovery and investigation, 

predictions and observations on hands-on science experiments. At Little Sprouts

we use simple tools appropriately to extend observations, hands-on exploration

of life sciences, living things in their environment, physical sciences like

cause and effect and position and motion of objects.


Art-Music:   Here at Little Sprouts our interactive approach focuses on promoting challenging and stimulating art experiences. Exploring Visual Arts through the use of a

variety of materials and media to exploring the sounds made by various

rhythm instruments and marching and dancing to various tempos and

dynamics, art and music exploration is fun and exciting. Curiosity,

expressiveness and creativity in both music and art are fundamental

preschool learning experiences.



The concern of our students is our main priority. 2 fire extinguishers are

located in the main hallway of the school.

Our school is locked at all times and our front door has a bell entry. No

one is permitted into the school without proper identification.


All staff has completed a criminal background check and sex offender search.

No child will be released without parental consent. Please call the main office if

other arrangements need to be made.


Our staff is certified in Pediatric CPR, AED and First Aid by the American

Safety and Health Institute.

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